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The Increasing Diversity of Americans Will Drive Cultural and Business Changes

The United States is a diverse, multicultural country, and our diversity will continue to increase in the coming years.

What Will America’s Racial and Ethnic Makeup Look Like in 2025 and 2030?

By 2025, Hispanic and Asian populations will constitute 24% of the total US population. By 2030, international immigration to the United States will drive the country’s population growth. And, for decades to come, individuals who identify as two or more races will make up the fastest-growing racial demographic in the United States.

What Does Our Shifting Demographic Landscape Mean for Business and Culture?

The country’s culture will also change as the US becomes increasingly multi-ethnic and multi-racial. As the purchasing power of diverse communities grows, it will become increasingly crucial for businesses to accurately identify and respond to the specific needs of different communities.

One-size-fits-all surveys that fail to acknowledge the multi-racial and ethnically diverse reality of Americans will become increasingly less effective. In a racially and culturally diverse United States, businesses committed to providing products or services to diverse demographic groups will lead efforts to better survey and understand the complex racial and ethnic identities of Americans.

For researchers, carefully collecting and analyzing relevant data is essential to avoid the oversimplification of results and the poor application of conclusions across overly broad racial and ethnic groups. Instead, the best surveys will partner carefully developed questions with multiple data collection methods to facilitate a nuanced analysis of the needs, wants, and preferences across diverse communities.

Such thoughtful, culled, and studied data will be invaluable to those businesses committed to meeting the needs of the evolving US population.

Businesses that understand the needs of diverse communities will be best positioned to meet the needs of modern Americans. The companies that adopt better surveys to measure the needs and wants of diverse populations will have the upper hand.

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