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Both Sides of the Glass | Introduction

They say “you spend your entire adulthood getting over your childhood” or at least trying to understand it.

As a parent I have been reflecting on my own childhood. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great one but I realized I spent A LOT of time in focus group facilities and not on the playground, like my boys do. Hence this audio blog, “Both Sides of the Glass,” was created as an idea in my head, Summer of 2022.

Both Sides of the Glass holds a lifelong meaning to me. Seeing research “brat” Kai who grew up in focus group facilities, playing games with myself on both sides of the glass, watching my image appear and disappear as I closed the door. To today, seeing business owner Kai, still on both sides of the glass – moderating the front room, managing the back room.  

So, why audio? For folks who know me well know I love a good voice note, and I send them quite often. Think of this as a long voice note. What will I talk about?? God only knows, but I am a #Qualieforlife so I think we’ll just start with all things qualitative.

Thanks for listening. Be well.

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