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Tips for Avoiding Burnout from our President

Ebony Marketing Systems President and Founder Kai Fuentes shares her tips for avoiding burnout.

As a qualitative specialist I find myself talking ALL of the time. My kids think that “Mama talks for a living.” At first I did not agree, but then I started realizing just how much I talk. Between running Ebony and conducting focus groups, IDI’s etc., I sometimes find myself feeling burned out and wondering how I can work more efficiently to preserve my energy and be productive.

To preserve my energy, here are a few energy preserving tricks that I found that work for me:

  1. Vocal Rest If I have several back-to-back meetings, then 3 focus groups in the evening I find taking vocal rest in between meeting groups helpful. What is vocal rest? Set the timer for a particular amount of time with no talking. Let your voice and energy rest – resting your voice helps preserve energy for long days. The power of silence is just bigger than waiting for a respondent to think in between thoughts.
  2. Breathe Deep Sometimes we have energy, but it is trapped and not flowing through our bodies in mind. I find allowing energy to “flow” properly to be productive. Doing breathwork in between meetings and groups has been helpful. Try Inhaling through the nose with a short, sharp inhalation followed directly by a long, strong inhale. ︎Then without pausing, exhale through the nose and mouth with a short, then long exhale. No specific time count for the breath is necessary.
  3. Get air/get outsideGoing outside gives great energy. This is especially important for folks who work from home. Walk around the block, go to the park, whatever you decide to do, just make sure it is simple. If you can go for a walk WITHOUT talking double points for you!
  4. Outfit Change If I have a long day, I love to change clothes. Yes, it adds more to laundry (I have two boys and a husband so I know the struggle), but it gives me energy, and I highly recommend it.
  5. Bust a move During a long day, music is my savior. Sometimes I put on a good song and dance by myself. It may sound weird to do, but it gives me so much energy!
  6. Adjust working hours (if you can) Studies have shown that people have more or less energy at different times of day. If you can start working when you have higher energy levels, then you can take more breaks during times when you don’t have as much energy.

What are some of your tricks?


  1. DataBae says

    I love this! Not only as a researcher, but a public speaker as well. I’ve never thought about the energy required with talking all day, until I’m drained. Loving these tips! Thank you!

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