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Survey Frequency— How Often Should You Survey Your Audience?

Loyal, happy customers matter. When customers are more satisfied with a company, the company sees increased revenue, profitability, and even higher stock prices. But how often should you take surveys to ensure that you meet your customers’ needs and desires? There’s no one right answer. It will depend on your industry, your customers, and your goals. But here are guidelines to help you decide what’s best for your customers and you.

Ad Hoc/Pulse Surveys 

Suppose you have made recent changes, initiated a new promotion, or have particular information you want to measure. In that case, pulse surveys—very short, targeted surveys pegged to an event or topic—can be valuable. However, if you use them, you may need to adjust your regular survey routine to prevent “survey fatigue,” which leads to lower quality responses. 

Every Interaction

If your company provides business-to-consumer services, especially if you have infrequent or one-time customers, you may want to ask them to take a survey after each interaction.  

For Repeat/Regular Customers, Try Quarterly Surveys

Annual surveys are unlikely to give enough specific information to make it worth your while. And finding out about a problem nearly a year later won’t help resolve the issue. Similarly, if you have a success, you want to learn about it sooner rather than later. On the other hand, monthly surveys can cause survey fatigue. 

Therefore, a quarterly survey may be optimal. You’ll get feedback on recent conditions and concerns without asking too much of your customers’ time. 

Another approach is to schedule them based on the frequency your customer interacts with you, then divide in half. So if you have monthly interaction, then try a bimonthly survey. For weekly exchanges, ask on a biweekly basis, and so on.  

Surveys are Marketing, Too

Remember that surveys have messaging value, even if you don’t get a response. You are telling your customer that you don’t take them for granted. So to get the biggest impact, you may want to schedule surveys in light of other customer outreach plans. 

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