Ebony Marketing Systems, Inc., (EMS) uses Ethnographic methods, which are market research techniques rooted in cultural anthropology, as a means to collect relevant and meaningful consumer insights. Ethnographic research allows information and insights collected among individuals or, as we like to refer to them in market research, “participants,” to be codified and analyzed. Ethnographies are conducted in-situ, such as in a person’s home, workplace or a location of cultural relevance. Ethnographies provide important background information about an individual’s natural habitat, cultural upbringing and other key influencers that must be observed and experienced first-hand in order to truly gain a well-rounded understanding of the subject. Our uniqueness is in our ability, when required, to conduct consumer based research studies among a wide variety of ethnicities in their native languages and cultural dialects. Moreover, within the multicultural research arena, we apply proprietary research methodologies i.e., “Cultural Graphics,” to measure and glean ethnic-bound perceptions and attitudes among specified ethnic audiences. Over the years, EMS has developed its own ethnic segmentation matrix-model, which has proven to accurately measure generational and life style behaviors both regionally and nationally.