Qualitative Services (Focus Groups)

Dynamic discussions held in relaxed environments and also traditional focus groups are moderated in native languages; this is one of the areas where EMS shines.  Our staff of bilingual and multicultural moderators is especially trained to identify ethnic-bound perceptions and attitudes providing in-depth cultural insights across a broad spectrum of generations.

It’s a fact, minority groups, primarily Hispanics, African Americans and Asian Americans are growing at a rate nearly double the rate of the general population. EMS has an enviable and outstanding reputation in conducting creative and customized qualitative research studies among a wide variety of ethnic and minority population segments. EMS offers its clients a full range of qualitative research services employing different research methods, which includes: 

  • Multicultural recruiting 
  • Traditional focus groups
  • Online focus groups
  • Online bulletin boards
  • In-depth/Executive interviews (in person or by phone)
  • Dyads, triads and mini-groups
  • Mystery shops
  • In-person intercepts
  • Home use tests
  • Central location pre-recruits